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About us

We help you because we understand that the hands of workers and technicians are valuable tools.

to ensure the safety and health of employees in their workplace.

about us

Established in 2002 with more than 14 years of experience and counting, working at the first moment with the vision of “Putting yourself in some ones shoes”.

Hand lacerations and abrasions are some of the most common injuries in any work environment. Injuries cost time, money and most importantly worker's trust in employers. FM Textiles Working Gloves and Safety Protective clothing range provide the protection, dexterity and the comfort needed to achieve higher productivity and experience fewer injuries.

Our vast range of products makes us global in the market, committed to offering consistent quality and innovative solutions to our customers across the world.

That’s why our products designing, development, manufacturing and delivery system based on our customers satisfaction and desires

Our customers knows that their business can progress and thrive safely when they work with us.

We are specialist Manufacturer of industrial cotton working gloves and safety clothing, we produce in highest quality, innovation, and efficient way.

Our production meet the international standard of Hand protection, durability, comfort and fitting.

This is demonstrated every day through exceptional customer service, high quality product manufacturing and industry knowledge.

FM textiles we cover the entire product development cycle; from procurement of raw materials and spinning and plying our own yarn to final product manufacture. All our machines are high quality, innovative equipment that allows us to meet the industry standards and meet the expectations of our customers.

We work with highly skilled and trained people who have the knowledge, skills and experience that makes us be reliable in the global market. Part of our philosophy is to maintain a close working relationship at all levels, allowing us to be part of the solution for our customers.


We are proud to say that we specialize in producing gloves for a variety of industries. We have knowledge and up to date machinery, and constantly innovate, with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.

Our team of designers, ensure quality, protection, dexterity, ergonomics and comfort they need to achieve greater productivity and reduce injuries by manipulation of tools or machinery. We redefining safety across the experience.

When you are choosing textile FM safety gloves, you choose a totally reliable product that can communicate their own workers.


Be the market leader for industrial gloves. Being recognized for quality, innovation, and customer services

Customer First

Continuous improvement is a key characteristic of the most successful customer experience

Quality First

We have the ability to perform satisfactorily in service and is suitable for its intended purpose.

Our Products

Products to ensure their "fitness for purpose".


An ethical initiative for a bright future. “School for girls in Painsera”

Shamim Akther Girls High school

The aim of this school for girls in poverty is an action that promotes the good to them and their families, just to provide charity and benevolence

We promote opportunities and new hopes to improve the quality of life in small towns.

This emerged at understanding the unmet needs that girls have, by granting a learning space, give them books and education, are skills that will help them face life and be gratefull for what was received


Core Values

Cloud solutions.

Quality drives productivity.

Keeping your customer feedback.

New technologies for reached more customers.

Portfolio boasts of over 30 categories of products with 60 versions.

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Our Products



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